Fruit Trees, Edibles & Seeds

applesIt’s Time to Plant Bare-root Fruit trees, Berries and Roses! 

The Port Townsend store has an amazing selection of fruit trees: apples, pears, plums, peaches, cherries and more. Take advantage of the great selection and lower prices when you buy bare-root. (Links to our detailed lists are provided below.)

Berries are here!  Raspberries, blueberries, marion berries, strawberries, and blackberries are all available bare-root and this is a great time to get them planted before they start actively growing.

Bareroot Roses from Jackson Perkins have also arrived.  Many beautiful grandiflora, floribunda, David Austin, and climbing roses are available at both stores. (See lists below for more details or give us a call to check for specific varieties.)

You can grow your own flowers and vegetables and we have hundreds of seed varieties for you to choose from.